I Have a New Sibling /Adoption/ Workbook about Having Adopted Siblings

I Have a New Sibling / Adoption/ Workbook for Having Adopted Siblings

Title: I Have a New Sibling / Adoption / workbook for Having Adopted Siblings

Description: I Have a New Sibling: Workbook about Having Adopted Siblings is a fun, engaging way for elementary students to understand how adopting a new sibling can affect their lives and families.

The workbook guides the student through exploring and understanding some of the changes that will happen in his or her life after the adoption. It provides opportunities for the student to express concerns, fears and other emotions that may arise from having a new adopted sibling in his or her family.

This workbook features:

This workbook is also useful for preparing a new sibling who will join a family. It is also a great resource for teachers and parents who are introducing a new adopted sibling into their family. It was created to help students understand that an adopted child is not different from any other child in the family, and that they should be treated equally.

Encouraging your kids to discuss how they feel about adoption. Just print, distribute, and teach this material to your kids.


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