Affirmation: Self-Love, Self-esteem, & Friend Builder Workbook

Title: Affirmation: Self-Love, Self-esteem & Friend Builder 


There are so many topics under affirmation of oneself. From self-love, self-esteem, friendships, communication, and personal space, this workbook got it all for you!

This workbook is jam-packed with 12 different interactive pages that let your students reflect on different areas about self. You choose whether to give all these pages to your students in one go or pick a worksheet that you students will answer for the day. It’s a self-help workbook, perfect for preteens and teens, to build their self-esteem and communication skills as they build their own ⭐️friendship village⭐️

This workbook includes: 

Empower your students through this workbook. Just print and distribute this to your students while doing one-on-one sessions with them, or even small group discussions. 

Total Pages: 14 Pages