ANTI-BULLYING CONTRACT: Bullying Awareness Month

ANTI-BULLYING CONTRACT: Bullying Awareness Month

Title: ANTI-BULLYING CONTRACT:  Bullying Awareness Month

Description: Bullying has always been a rampant issue in school. It’s time to put a STOP to bullying! Let your student be an agent of change using this contract that can be used by parents and teachers. Just print and compile these pages, and you’re good to go! 

TRIVIA: Did you know that Blue Shirt Day was created by STOMP Out Bullying to highlight the importance of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month every October?

This 4-page contract includes reflective activities for children. Let them define bullying and how it feels like to be bullied. With this contract, make them realize how bullying is a serious action against others. 

This contract includes:

Have them reflect on past experiences when bullying occurred and how uncool it felt. Establish a commitment from your students about not bullying anyone, including people from their home, school, and community. Like a contract, have them sign as a form of their promise of not bullying other people. They will draw how bullying looks like, write their own experiences, and define bullying with their own words. You can use this contract during one-on-one sessions or during small group sessions with your students or children. 

Best paired with: Bullying Workbook - Bullying, NO WAY!


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Total Pages: 6 Page