My Dream Journal for BIG  Kids (4th Grade to 10th Grade)

My Dream Journal for BIG Kids (4th Grade to 10th Grade)

Title: My Dream Journal for BIG Kids (4th Grade to 10th Grade)

Description: Want to stimulate creativity among your students? Letting them recall their dreams is definitely a way for you to check how creative they are in reviewing short-lived memories as they sleep! This 10-page journal lets your 4th-10th graders record and make meaning of their dreams for 7 days.

Let your students have fun in recalling their vivid dreams! Let them feel what they felt in their dreams and see what they saw by taking note of their experience. This journal has activities that practice their writing skills, self-awareness, and self-expression abilities.

This journal features:

Compared to the journal for LITTLE kids, this journal for BIG kids requires them to write and express themselves more through essays. The journal also asks more specific questions, such as describing in the detail the people and location seen in the students’ dreams. 

Total Pages: 10 Pages