Black History Month

Black History Month

Title: Black History Month


❤️Look at the colors: what does it signify? Correct - it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH! What’s one way to celebrate diversity and honor Black History Month? With this fun workbook, you can discuss BLACK HISTORY MONTH while having different activities for different grade levels! 

TRIVIA: Did you know that we celebrate Black History during February because the second week of the month concurs with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass - two of the most iconic people who fought to end slavery? 

Have your students be aware of the significant people in celebrating Black History Month. From word search to writing activities, this workbook is jam-packed with a variety of engaging pages! Ask your students to grab their pencils and coloring materials, and they’re good to go!

The workbook includes:

Use these worksheets to display in your bulletin board to celebrate how colorful Black History is. Let them appreciate how freedom was fought for our brothers and sisters of color. Just print and distribute these worksheets, and all is set!

Total Pages: 7 Pages