Coping Skills: Workbook for Kids / Trauma Coping Skills

Coping Skills: Workbook for Kids/Trauma Coping Skills

Title: Coping Skills: Workbook for Kids/Trauma Coping Skills

Description: Equip your kids with coping skills for different situations with this no-prep workbook filled with information and activities perfect for elementary students! Help them understand what stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are, and what to do when they experience these feelings and emotions. Just print, compile these pages and hand them out to your students - as easy as that!

This interactive workbook is packed with informative and fun yet reflective activities for your students. Make learning about dealing with different emotions through coping skills fun and engaging in this 12-page workbook. 

This workbook includes:

Your students will learn everything about coping skills - from what triggers us to how we deal with these overwhelming feelings. They’ll read informative texts about coping skills, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks and grab their pencils and coloring materials to answer reflective questions and engaging activities. You can use this workbook during a one-on-one session with each of your students or during small group sessions with several of them.


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Total Pages: 12 Pages