Exploring Bullying: Workbook for Kids - Bullying, NO WAY!

Exploring Bullying: Workbook for Kids - Bullying, NO WAY!

Title: Exploring Bullying: Workbook for Kids - Bullying, NO WAY!

Description: Define bullying, identify the feelings of being bullied,and introduce how your students can be a bystander hero against bullying with this workbook! Have your 1st-6th graders develop empathy and awareness of the effects of bullying to their own experiences and to others as well. It’s time to put an END to bullying with the power of this workbook!

TRIVIA: Did you know that Blue Shirt Day was created by STOMP Out Bullying to highlight the importance of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month every October?

This 7-page workbook includes a variety for children. From reflecting on their own experiences to becoming an agent against bullying, this workbook will surely help you tackle this topic effectively.

This workbook includes:

Have individual and small group sessions using this powerful workbook. Define how bullying can be in different forms - from verbal, cyber, emotional, and physical forms. One of the most important features of this workbook is encouraging how your students can PREVENT BULLYING by being a bystander hero, someone who protects others from bullying.

This is perfect for teaching: empathy, self-awareness, socio-emotional skills, coping skills, and mindfulness.

Best paired with: ANTI-BULLYING CONTRACT: Bullying Awareness Month


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