Tips to Healthy Eating and Emotional Eating /My Healthy Journal

Tips to Healthy Eating and Emotional Eating /My Healthy Eating Journal

Title: Tips to healthy Eating and Emotional Eating/My Healthy Eating Journal


Teaching kids healthy eating is a standard in the curriculum, but have you ever thought of tapping the emotional domain that is associated with eating? This journal is perfect for teaching 2 concepts: healthy eating and emotional eating.

This 8-page journal is a perfect tool for preteens and teens to work on healthy eating styles. It allows them to look at the positive side of eating healthy while empowering them about self-love and looking at their good attributes as well. It also discusses emotional eating, how it happens in a cycle, and how they could cope up with it.

The Journal includes:

This is a perfect tool for children to empower them to love themselves and their bodies while learning how to eat healthy. See the changes from your teen or preteen as they discuss their own healthy eating styles while being aware of emotional eating.

Total Pages: 8 Pages