SELFie Reflection Cards: Task Cards for Self-Reflection 

SELFie Reflection Cards: Task Cards for Self Reflection

Title: SELFie Reflection Cards: Task Cards for Self-Reflection


Let your students reflect on their feelings, thoughts, and performances using these self reflection cards. Have them shuffle these cards and pick one for them to answer as their EXIT TICKET after doing an activity. You can also use these as wall posters on bulletin boards whenever you end a group activity. 

These 18 task-cards for self-reflection cards are perfect for:

Help your students think through their feelings. Give them opportunities to answer questions that are not limited to YES or NO, instead encourage them to expound their answers and discover what they feel. 

✨These are the BIGGER versions of SELFie Reflection Cards: Pocket-sized Cards for Self-Reflection. These are perfect to use as wall posters in bulletin boards that can be easily viewed by your students. Also best paired with Selfie Reflection Printables (All About Me), a workbook perfect for self-reflection for the students to get to know themselves more.✨

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